Budapest Gypsy Orchestra new album out now!! LJCD15

He plays Hungarian music so well, that he is able to perform with the greatest Hungarian musicians and even among them he gives a brilliant performance. When I listen to this
album I feel like I’m in the golden age of gypsy music. It sounds as he would have recorded it before the World War II, except that it was recorded with a 21st century technic and equipment.

In his music I involuntarily discover the style of Gyula Toki Horváth and Sándor Járóka Sr. It is a great honour for us that such a young and talented Belgian sinti musician plays this type of Hungarian gypsy music, which already has fallen into oblivion. And even more so, I do not hesitate to say, that by this album a new chapter could begin in the life of this music. By the interpretation of Tcha Limberger and his great band I feel the rebirth of this extremely valuable historical gypsy music. Personally I am very happy with this record and I wish all the audience to find listening to it.


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