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01.03.2011 – Ou welto risella

Great news! The long-awaited-for and much-anticipated CD by Fapy and Bamboula is now available on iTunes for only ten dollars! The CD, entitled Ou Welto Risella, has 15 tracks with Bamboula on vocals and violin and Fapy playing some of his most beautiful guitar work ever. An exciting note for those who may have the "bootleg" copies is that–to my count–there are FIVE previously unreleased songs on this CD! Each is a new treasure. For students here, every song is an excellent study in Fapy's techniques. I don't know which floors me more — how he so tastefully introduces and backs Bamboula's excellent vocals, or the multiple choruses he plays during his masterful solos. In many cases, he states the melody in the first chorus then creates a magical tapestry of arpeggios in the following choruses. This is a grand work of love from the undisputed master of the Gypsy ballad sound, and there is a lifetime of study in these recordings alone. Yet I know there are at least 19 more recordings from these sessions and hopefully they too will be released someday. Until that time, these will more than hold us over.
Thank you Fapy for making these recordings available for everyone, and let me add, it is my great pleasure to be able to finally pay you for these wonderful recordings! I hope others who have the bootleg copies will also join me in this privilege.


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