With any luck many of our artists will be back on stage in countries around the globe through the next year and well into 2023. We have plans already in place for tours of Canada, Scotland and Germany in addition to the local work we continue to build up again in London and the UK.
As a thank you to everyone for the amazing support we’ve had through the pandemic and for all the help we’ve received keeping our projects vital and current we are running a number of deals and this is one. A ten percent discount on any order of CDs, downloads or vinyl from the site. Basically, all products.
We have expanded the operation quite a lot over recent months and are including titles of CDs that do not necessarily come from our production office. The catalogue continuously updated so most likely there will be titles you have not heard and want to try out. So do keep popping in to check.

Just use the code SALEND2021 in the cart and the 10% discount will be added.

NOTE. Not to be used in combination with other coupons from this site. Limited to one coupon code with each order.

Offer finishes sometime in the future SHOP HERE


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We love Bandcamp! In addition to this site our full catalogue is available to buy from Bandcamp if you prefer that platform. You can follow other artists and labels and check out and connect with other fans. Also, you can see all our recommendations. Furthermore Bandcamp has a great policy of hardly any commission charged to musicians.
Here is our profile where you can follow other artist and labels,


Lejazzetal Records has been an eco-friendly label since 2009 and we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

This refers only to all Lejazzetal titles since 2009. Apart from the disc itself there is no plastic in any packaging (no plastic CD tray for instance), except for the cling film wrap which is non-PVC and recyclable at many drop-off locations and curbside pick-up programs all over most countries.
The card comes from sustainable local sources and forested responsibly in the Czech Republic and all ink used is water-based.
If you buy direct from the label all CDs are dispatched wrapped in a layer of biodegradable bubblewrap underneath completely recyclable, biodegradable 100% recycled brown paper.
We’re still experimenting with packing tape but presently we are using solvent-free, 100% recycled tape.