Tcha Limberger Trio

Five star international Gypsy jazz line up

Guitar mastery, swinging Reinhardt classics mix with traditional European Gypsy repertoire. 
Undeniably the most loved and respected Gypsy musician on the planet, violin superstar Tcha Limberger, recently accorded the title by The Times “Polymath King of Gypsy music” joins forces with the guitar wizard and latest in line from the renowned dynasty of Gypsy guitarists, Mozes Rosenberg.

“A project originating from a common passion of its members for traditional jazz styles and predominantly New Orleans and Swing. Groove is taken care of by two musicians whose resumes are longer than their arms: Dave Kelbie, a human metronome who combines the softness of genuine swing with enriched chords (regularly invited by masters such as Angelo Debarre and Fapy Lafertin) and Sébastien Girardot, a solid double-bass magician, with both a strong and agile style, highly solicited by famed jazz lineups (Michel Pastre Quintet, La Section Rythmique…). In a word: an Imperial rhythm section, no doubt one of the best of its kind and tied together in the Lejazzetal hall of fame project: Django à la Créole. Mozes Rosenberg, the newcomer to this project is no other than Stochelo Rosenberg’s younger brother. At 35 he already has 20 years’ experience and he is one of Gypsy Swing guitar’s newest gems. A brilliant heir to the Dutch informal ‘Gypsy guitar academy’, Mozes has achieved the development of his own voice despite the obvious connection to Stochelo Rosenberg’s legacy. A master of every modern guitar player’s skills (arpeggio, chord, and single note playing), Mozes illustrates himself with long, floating and sharp choruses, sometimes acrobatic, always remarkably formed and musical. If he occasionally blows proper musical torpedoes, he also knows that poetry lies in gentleness.”

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The polymath virtuoso Tcha Limberger is the king of Gypsy music
Tcha Limberger seems to be made entirely out of music
the equal of some of the greatest conservatory violinists… Limberger at the top of his game


january 2020

202024jan8:00 pm10:30 pmTcha Limberger TrioDjango festivalen OsloCountry:NorwayCity:Oslo



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‘Live’ in Foix – Tcha Limberger Trio
Although this album finds Mr. Limberger primarily on violin which he plays with enormous skill, supplying the requisite emotional density and his playing is fluid and beautifully controlled and exemplary throughout, he does sing on two tracks, scatting (“I Surrender Dear”) and singing expressivo wordlessly executing a succession of breathtaking passaggio phrases on “Someday You’ll Be Sorry”, while executing diabolical double, triple and quadruple stops on “Flamingo”. The album showcases the water-colours of Django Reinhardt’s “Clair De Lune” and a memorable version of Cole Porter’s “What Is This Thing Called Love”.
Mozes Rosenberg’s appearance on this recording adds enormous heft to the music and the guitarist plays with great virtuosity and character. His articulation is pure and in his extraordinary use of dynamics the absent characters in the music’s narratives live and breathe as if they suddenly appeared in front of you. Among the absolute high points on the disc is the bridge on “Avalon” where Mr. Limberger and the guitarist combine in a series of Paganini-like inversions.
The core of this group also includes Mr. Limberger’s life-long musical partners – Dave Kelbie, a rhythm guitarist of such astonishing power and skill, and so flawless a sense of time that he obviates, as always, the need of a drummer. The other musical cohort is Sébastien Giradot, a supremely lyrical contrabassist who also adds light and shade to the music as a painter daubs a canvas with colour. Together, the four musicians succeed in making this an album to die for.
Track list – 1: My Blue Heaven; 2: Avalon; 3: Pour Que Ma Vie Demeure; 4: I Surrender Dear; 5: Moonglow; 6: Topsy; 7: Flamingo; 8: Someday You’ll Be Sorry; 9: Some of These Days; 10: Clair De Lune; 11: What Is This Thing Called Love
Personnel – Tcha Limberger: violin and vocals; Mozes Rosenberg: guitar; Dave Kelbie: rhythm guitar; Sébastien Giradot: contrabass
Released – 2017
Label – lejazzetal Records
Runtime – 1:01:22

L’ALSACE FRANCE 20.02.2018
Tcha Limberger est béni des dieux
Il y a d’abord un violoniste d’une technique sidérante, d’une sensibilité au swing qui l’inscrit dans le sillage d’un Stéphane Grappelli. Fils et petit-fils de musiciens manouches, le Belge Tcha Limberger est béni des dieux, touche également à la guitare et chante plus que correctement. Mais c’est bien sûr le violoniste, à la tête d’un trio constitué du guitariste Dave Kelbie et du contrebassiste Sébastien Girardot, qui retient l’attention. Une « machine » efficace au service du swing manouche, teinté d’une tradition du jazz classique. Un plaisir du jeu qu’un enregistrement live, assuré au festival de jazz de Foix, en 2015, restitue avec un invité de marque : le guitariste Mozes Rosenberg. Une session rythmique d’enfer sur laquelle des solistes prennent leurs envols et dialoguent avec cette sidérante technique qui sait s’oublier pour parvenir à une totale élégance du jeu. L’esprit du grand Django préservé par de dignes héritiers.

SONGLINES 01.06.2018
A hot night of Gypsy Jazz in the French Pyrenees
Tcha Limberger is a super-skilled and versatile violinist, who plays in a number of different genres. Sometimes it’s Transylvanian folk, sometimes it’s Budapest restaurant repertoire, sometimes it’s Django Reinhardt-style swing – all styles closely associated with Gypsy musicians. It’s Gypsy swing that’s the focus here; the tradition Limberger was born into in Belgium. For this live concert in the French Pyrenean town of Foix, he is joined by Dutch Gypsy guitarist Mozes Rosenberg, also born into a Sinti family steeped in this music. This concert was apparently the first time Limberger and Rosenberg had played together, but you would never guess – everything is confident and coordinated and Limberger gives him plenty of room to shine. Rosenberg really is a superb guitarist, with super-fast virtuoso melodies and feathery ornamentations, demonstrating real panache on ‘Some of These Days’. Limberger adds occasional vocals and his scat singing in ‘I Surrender Dear’ is less of a highlight. There are only two Django Reinhardt numbers, one of which is the delicate and little-known ‘Pour Que Ma Vie Demeure’. Tracks by Cole Porter, Louis Armstrong and more are given the same Gypsy swing treatment.

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