NEW CD. ‘Live’ in Foix – by two Kings of Gypsy Jazz

Tcha Limberger and Mozes Rosenberg - Live in Foix

Kings of Gypsy Jazz

We’re very happy to be releasing our first Gypsy Jazz CD on this label for a number of years. And also to feature two giants of the style Tcha Limberger and Mozes Rosenberg on a recording of the iconic Foix concert, in France 2015

2017 – LJLP18 Tcha Limberger Trio with MOZES ROSENBERG ‘Live in Foix’ with Dave Kelbie (Guitar) and Sebastien Girardot (Bass) VIRTUOSIC & MASTERFUL. TWO KINGS OF GYPSY JAZZ

Tcha Limberger – violin/voice Mozes Rosenberg – guitar Dave Kelbie – guitar Sebastien Girardot – Double Bass

Check out the album HERE

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