‘Live at Luthjen’s’ review by Jazz Journal.

Christopher and Torkanowsky inventory, Live at Luthjen's

Live at Luthjen’s review by Jazz Journal Today a great review for ‘Live at Luthjen’s’ by Evan Christopher and David Torkanowsky. https://jazzjournal.co.uk/2020/10/11/evan-christopher-david-torkanowsky-live-at-luthjens/ Buy and listen HERE Excelling on clarinet from the age of 11, Evan Christopher went on to study music and graduated at the California State University, moving to New Orleans in the 90s […]

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Dave Gelly CD Review Blue Book of Storyville. The Observer/The Guardian

Blue Book of Storyville guardian Gelly review

Dave Gelly Review https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/may/17/don-vappie-jazz-creole-the-blue-book-of-storyville-review-delicate-rhythm-and-banjo Check out the album and more HERE An easy-going singer, virtuoso of the banjo and larger-than life character, Don Vappie is as New Orleans as they come. His mixed-race Creole ancestors were living in the city before Napoleon sold it to the US in 1803. A century later, Creoles, still speaking […]

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CD Review in Gazette Bleu for Blue Book of Storyville.

Blue book of Storyville

Gazette Bleu review https://lagazettebleuedactionjazz.fr/don-vappie-jazz-creole/ Check out the album HERE N’oublie jamais ceci : jouer du jazz, c’est comme raconter une histoire » : Est-ce que que Don Vappie avait un livre de Maxence Fermine dans ses bagages pendant l’enregistrement de ce nouveau disque ? Peut-être, ce qui est sûr, c’est que le musicien originaire de […]

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